More often than not, victims of all forms of abuse are stigmatized and shamed to the point where they are persecuted for the very crime committed against them.

By excusing abuse because “She was drinking so it’s her fault” or “He should have been strong enough to fight back so it’s his fault”, victims are essentially being told they are responsible for their abuse, and not the perpetrators.

This ever increasing culture of victim blame is heavily embedded in our everyday practices and language, our laws and our media because of a general lack of understanding and sympathy towards those who suffer abuse, and the causes of it.

To change this, we must rethink the way we view victims of abuse both personally and through stories in the media and be aware of the effect such thinking can have on people.

This social project aims to shed light upon this victim blaming culture in an effort to raise awareness and understanding of the effects such thinking can have on victims, potential victims and society as a whole.

Because if we can recognise it, we can change it.


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