Video Of The Week: ‘She Asked For It’

Laci Green is an awesome public figure and YouTuber that focuses on all things to do with sex education, rights and rape culture.

The ridiculous notion of ‘She Asked For It’ in existing rape mythology is the belief that a victim ‘asked for’ or ‘wanted’ their abuse or harassment because of their clothing, their actions or their situation.

Laci tackles this ongoing issue within rape culture in the video below and it’s well worth watching for her entertaining and brutally honest insight into rape culture and victim blaming.


2 thoughts on “Video Of The Week: ‘She Asked For It’

  1. I wish all the things weren’t so true but the fact is that rape culture truly exists and those people who say “boys will be boys” and say “she was asking for it” are only encouraging this type of behaviour. It’s sickening, Yes means Yes and No means No and if she doesn’t say No, but she’s drunk or intoxicated, that means still means No.

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  2. Definitely. And so few people realise that what they’re saying is rape culture and perpetuating this victim blaming culture. I wish we lived in a world where this was the case, unfortunately it’s not. So it’s important for us to point out when someone is saying something that is victim blaming, because they might not even realise that what they’re saying is bad. Thanks for the comment!

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