Angry Rant Sunday: Reddit’s Disgusting New Pro-Rape Message Board


It’s time for angry rant Sunday.

I’d like to thank the author of a Reddit ‘pro-rape’ message board entitled “The Philosophy of Rape” for turning a lovely Sunday into a pile of poop.

This message board was set up two weeks ago and the creator has posted a disgusting welcome post which essentially explains that rape has a “very important function in mitigating female behaviour and keeping it in check.”

But oh no, it doesn’t just stop there.

Messages go on to compare women to children with “absolutely no boundaries and no discipline” to targeting “selfie taking, filthy, unmitigated, sluts” before suggesting it is “for the good of society these women need to be raped.”

And what’s easily the most horrifying sentence in the history of ever, “It’s not only morally justifiable to rape such a woman, it’s brave.”

Trust me, it gets worse.

The board even claims to be the place that will teach you how to do it safely. That’s right, there’s such a thing as ‘safe rape’….‘Rape boldly, rape bravely, But when you do it, rape safely!’ and ‘Study reveals female rape victims enjoyed the experience.’


I’m just… I’m baffled.

Fortunately, the majority of those who have joined the message board did  with the best intentions, to shut the board down. One member even claimed they reported the board to the FBI.

Thank heavens there are still sensible people in the world.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this message board is really an example of rape culture at it’s finest.

What on earth possesses someone to think that RAPING SOMEONE is BENEFICIAL to society. It makes me so mad that there are people out there like this that think this is perfectly okay, and have reasoned in their heads that this is a good thing to do.

It just sickens me!

What do you think of this horrifying message board?



5 thoughts on “Angry Rant Sunday: Reddit’s Disgusting New Pro-Rape Message Board

  1. I think it’s absolutely disgusting. There’s enough stupidity in the whole “why did she dress like that?” already, but this is just a new level of humans failing to be humans. No matter who they are, nobody deserves this. No one. Also, no one has the rights to call anyone a slut. What is a slut? It could be anything, but definitely isn’t something that deserves to be raped just because of “filthy” and “selfie taking”. We will dress the way we want, just like how you jerks dress yourself: immoral t-shirt, inhumane jeans and a spray of the smelliest deo.

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    • Thanks for your comment! You’re spot on. It’s completely disgusting and just plain wrong. How does someone say to themselves that this kind of thinking is okay? Nobody deserves to be assaulted or raped… nobody! And there is no justification that makes this type of board or anything like this, ever okay.


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