The Blame Game Has To Stop

An insightful take on victim blaming and it’s ever-present role in the media.

Don't Panic Georgie.

Slut-shaming. Victim blaming. Whatever you want to call it, it’s pervasive in our society’s mindset and it needs to change asap if we’re to avoid damaging another generation with sexist, degrading and overall harmful accusations. The act of victim blaming has been hot in the media recently with the release of hundreds of celebrities’ naked, private photos on 4chan by anonymous hackers. The general consensus seemed to be that if you didn’t want your naked photos to be plastered over the internet for all to see, you shouldn’t have taken them in the first place. It lays all the blame squarely at the victim’s door and completely ignores the fact that this is a crime, a breach of someone’s privacy and the focus should be on bringing the perpetrators to account and preventing this from happening again.

This is kind of the point. This is kind of the point.

This mindset, unfortunately, isn’t a new one…

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